Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well we have downsized the farm a bit, we are down to 2 cows, both milkers and a calf, a future milker. We took our steer to be cut, gutted and quartered on Monday to be picked up on Friday. We will be processing on April 3rd, we were planning on the 4th, however that is Easter Sunday. We have been working on the lean-to for the meat building and installing the rail and winch, fully operational, thanks to Duane. We still have two pigs, one to be butchered soon. Still looking for a grinder, the one we have is one size too small, works for now. We have someone who wants to buy it right now cash money for $100 more than I paid. My friend Matt told do it, trust in the Lord to provide a new one. Hard to do that sometimes, especially when we have the cow hanging tin the cooler.
Anyway thanks for the read and God Bless.

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  1. Your lean-to looks really good! We saw it the other day when we drove by! We will keep your need for a grinder in mind and in prayer. God bless!
    ~The Hammond Clan