Thursday, September 15, 2011

My new soap recipe!

There is such a feeling of satisfaction that comes from a successful batch of soap...Here is a new recipe I created. It is a mixture of mango butter, home-rendered lard, and 76 degree coconut oil. The fragrance is an citrus blend, hence the orange color I chose. I highly recommend the book by Anne L. Watson, called Smart Soapmaking. She explains how to create your own soap recipes which opens the door to your imagination and creativity. I am currently awaiting the arrival of her new book on milk soaps and am hoping it will help to take care of our surplus milk supply! Happy soap making and God bless!


  1. Yes, I WILL make of these days. After I dig out from all these apples. Have you seen any apples lately, well, if you do, tell them I am not home? LOL!